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Damn Right! “The City” : AURA Music & Arts Preview

Song Of The Day

Artist: Damn Right!
Song: “The City”
Album: The City EP

Today’s Song of the Day starts with city sounds, then adds trilling synthesizers, and a dropping sample that seems to feature a full-on funk band, horns and all. One of the best things about Damn Right! is their ability to control the atmosphere of the song with the subtle undertones, while using just the right mix of samples and synthesizers to create distinct and engaging melodies. The music drops out and an audio sample segues the song into the next, and slightly darker, part with bassier melody lines and an uptempo dance beat.

Damn Right!’s progressive style of electronic dance music draws from a lot of different influences, from hip hop vocal samples, to poppy synthesizers, and break beat. Formed in Baltimore, MD, the group is based in Denver and Philly so fans on the East Coast and in the Rockies can catch the talented trio touring (… and don’t miss them at Aura this weekend).

THE CITY by DamnRight!

Written by:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer