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Daft Punk Get Lucky

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers

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Technology, dear readers and music fans, technology and human interaction had been doomed from the beginning. Books like 1984, the approval of bathrooms being used as photo booths and phones as wired leashes for humans prove that technology, devices and robots are everywhere and into everyone. Thankfully, a pair of robots are back from what felt like a century-long absence and came back to rescue the now cold world of electronic driven music.

Three years after their 127 minute music video Tron: Legacy (it seems like a better piece of work if we look at it that way instead of a movie), the French robot duo are about to launch their fourth (sound bomb) studio album along with some collaborations with artists between rock, hip-hop, R&B, musical score, instrumental and house genres. One of the lucky artists kidnapped for the project is Pharrell Williams, whose voice is said to be used for three songs in Random Access Memories.

The first single, Get Lucky, is a disco soul dream with Williams delivering R&B falsettos around Nile Rodgers funky guitar playing, all under control of a familiar Daft Punk sound we can all recognize but not describe. That distinctive touch by robots is the human touch lacking in today’s house and electronic artists.

How come the warmth in electronic music comes from circuits and not veins? Let humanity surrender to these machines soulful beats this May 17th, when Random Access Memories comes to take over.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

OurVinyl | Senior Writer



Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers