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Cults’ “Go Outside”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Cults
Song: “Go Outside”
Album: Cults

Looking for the sweet, sugary album of the summer? Check out Cults’s self titled debut album, which has been simply on fire around the blogosphere. A 21-year-old couple from San Diego, now studying film in New York City, cults started making music in their apartment, when they moved in together after a period of dating. Deciding to release a few songs on their BandCamp page so that friends and family could hear what they were up to, the internet soon blew up with listeners snagging copies and chatting about their potential. Now, with the bright days and warm nights of summer comes their first full length, sure to keep you bouncy and cheerful all season long.

Featured here is their first single, “Go Home.”

Written by Dean Goranites