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Creature Feature’s “The Unearthly Ones”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Creature Feature

Song: The Unearthly Ones

Album: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Submitted for your approval today’s feature on the Song of the Day is “The Unearthly Ones” from the Los Angeles based duo, Creature Feature.  For those people who love all things that spooky, creepy, who wish that everyday was Halloween and adore all things that go bump in the night, then Creature Feature is the band for you.  From their horror-flavored lyrics, to the spooky ambiance that each song sets along side electronica based keyboards and catchy hooks tend to make.

The song, “The Unearthly Ones” is just one of the many dark, twisty and infectiously toe tapping songs that can be found on the band’s latest offering, “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.” The “Stormy Night” release is the follow up to the band’s debut 2007 release “The Greatest Show Unearthed.”  And as the song says, “as sure as hell, we are coming for you.”

Somewhere between bands like The Ghastly Ones and The Ramones is where you will find the duo of Curtis RX and Erik X making music that keeps you wondering if there really is something lurking under your bed. Also the band has now taken to releasing music on their own label, Villains and Vaudevillians.

Also, if you enjoy this song, you may want to check out Curtis RX’s recently released solo effort called Rufus Rex, details on that can be found on the Creature Feature webpage as well as the Villains and Vaudevillians web page.

For more details on Creature Feature, check them out online at

Written by Christina Lawler