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Counter Point Music Festival – A Preview


This weekend, Counter Point Music Festival invades Atlanta, GA. This is a festival worth taking note of for a couple reasons. It’s at the right time of year, both because it is near the tail end of festival season when there is less competition (and less going on in general as summer is over), and because it will not be overly hot in Atlanta, this expected temperatures in the low 80’s and high 70’s – which is ideal for festivals. Another reason is that it is a Thurs-Sat festival, as opposed to most festivals in which the last day is Sunday. This is nice because one can party hardy on the last day of the fest without knowing in their mind that the next morning they have to go to work/school, and that mental edge can be everything. Plus Thursday’s shows don’t start until the evening, so that you don’t have to take that day off to enjoy the whole lineup for that day.

This is a camping festival, so for all of you who consider that the necessary norm for a festival, you are covered. But Counter Point is only 20 something miles away from downtown Atlanta, meaning there are plenty of nearby hotels you can stay at. And if you need help with a travel, or lodging package, they do provide those. Being able to appeal to both campers and non campers is a big plus for any festival.

M83’s Midnight City

The music at Counter Point can be described as being aimed at providing a great dance party. Sorry to be so simple, but that’s really what they have gone after. The genres are varied, it’s not only EDM, there is a variety of musical types to take in over the weekend. However, DJ created electronic music is clearly what this fest leans towards, especially where the headliners are concerned. The variety lies more in the mid tier acts, yet even so each act can be considered one that packs, at least a little, umph! They did a good job of letting there be a variety of musical styles while still assuring that things will always stay energetic, and isn’t that what the kids want these days?

The headliners are Bassnectar, Skillex, Pretty Lights, Avicii, and Steve Angello. Those are your pretty standard heavy hitter DJs of 2012, and will no doubt will keep the dedicated untz’ers among us happy. However, really the more interesting variety of the weekend lies with other non-headlining acts such as M83, Atmosphere, ZEDD, Gramatik, Toro y Moi, Paper Diamond, Lotus, and Atlanta’s own Big Boi.

Tickets are still available for this festival. And the prices are very reasonable! It’s under $200 for a 3 day, and under $90 for single days. This is one of the better large festival deals of this season. If you are in the area and don’t have something to do this weekend, well now you do!