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Copeland – Concert Review


Copeland is a band that somewhat exists in a world of their own.  This carries over to their music and should be taken into consideration when listening to or going to a concert of theirs.  Their lush and eclectic arrangements never fail to shift my perspective to an otherworldly place.  After seeing them at The Basement, in Columbus just a month or so ago, I realized how important it was to be in the proper setting when seeing them live.  Let me just say it was my 3rd time seeing them, and the first time I enjoyed their live show.  And I rarely do not enjoy a live show.

I’ve been a pretty devout fan of Copland for about 4 years now, but didn’t get the chance to see them live until after about 2 years.  The mistake at these first two shows were the other bands I saw them with (not that they were bad) and more importantly, the crowd.  The first two concerts I saw were the same bill, different cities.  The line up was Daphne Loves Derby, The Hush Sound, Copeland and Jack’s Mannequin.  While I do enjoy all 4 bands to some extent, Jack’s being my least favorite, it did not foster the right sort of atmosphere for a Copeland show.  While any good band should be able to perform well in a variety of settings, the crowd at these shows was, well, too young.

I was one of the tallest people there (and I’m not tall), and I felt like all the kids were more suited for some sort summer pop concert.  Let me put it this way, when Jack’s covered “My Name is Jonas” by Weezer, 95% of the crowd looked at each other in confusion, as if to say, “What the fuck is this?”.  Am I that old? Is Weezer no longer an everyday band name in the vocabulary of these hip youngens? Lame crowd.  I even recall some of the crowd yelling for Copeland to leave the stage.  It’s not that they were performing poorly, the crowd just had no appreciation for their style.

Luckily, when I saw Copeland in Columbus a month ago, they were headlining, and everyone there was there for Copeland.  It was wonderful to be among a group of fans eager to watch such a talented group.  It was the sort of fun you have when everyone around you has the same appreciation and you can close your eyes and be taken to Copeland’s own world.

Sure, Copeland isn’t for everyone, but I still believe they are one of the strongest acts around today.  For anyone who is a fan of honest and beautiful music, I recommend checking out Copeland.  Their most recent album is a true work of art and any one who appreciates music should find something to enjoy while listening to Copeland.

Alex Hoffman