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Classics of Love

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Artist: Common Rider
Album: Last Wave Rockers
Song: Classics of Love

Today’s song of the day, comes from the band, Common Rider. The band is comprised of three members from the late ’80s and early ’90s punk era. Bassist, Mass Giorgini has done work with bands like Squirtgun, Screeching Weasel, Rise Against, among others. Drummer, Dan Lumley has done work with Squirtgun, Screeching Weasel, The Methadones, among others. Probably the most well-known member is Jesse Michaels, who fronted the ska/punk band Operation Ivy along with others plays guitar and sings. The sound for Common Rider is a blend of ska and punk mostly, with an emphasis more on the mellow side. While the band had a pretty short run they still have a pretty big influence on the current wave of punk bands. Although they tend to be lumped in the punk and ska scenes, they definitely created their own unique sound. Straight rock n’ roll and some reggae also shines through quite a bit.

The song I am sharing today, is the opening track off their debut full length from 1999. Perhaps their most well-known song, it is a song that I really enjoy because it has a great ska/reggae riff in the intro with Jesse’s unique voice that draws me in. After the intro, Mass comes in with his bass line and takes it for a walk with a steady drum beat. Dan gets a little time to shine on drums for a short song as well with some nice and quick fills. While the vocals instantly make me think Op. Ivy, I really dig this band because they manage to make quite a few catchy songs along with the straight punk songs that are a bit more in your face. Even if you are not the most avid punk or ska fan, I highly recommend checking them out as they kind of have their own sound as I mentioned going on. Their are lots or riffs that have a ’60s and early ’70s rock feel mixed in with some various keyboard elements and good bass lines. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt