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Combichrist’s “No Redemption – DMC: Devil May Cry Soundtrack” Album Review

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Industrial, electronic, and aggrotech are just a few terms that have been used to describe Combichrist’s music. Regardless of how you describe them though, Combichrist have always been ones to allow their music to evolve. With the release of “No Redemption” comes the next evolution.  “No Redemption” is the official soundtrack to the recently released video game “DMC: Devil May Cry”. combichrist no redemptionThe soundtrack features 13 new tracks composed specifically for the video game. The soundtrack is being released in a single disc version that contains the 13 new tracks and a double disc version that has a second CD of previously released Combichrist music, which was also licensed for the game. Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist has stated, “As an avid gamer myself, I was honored to be asked to work on this project. I had a lot of fun digging myself into Dante’s psyche in order to create music to match the battle scenes and am equally as excited to license existing Combichrist music.

As was stated before, Combichrist’s music has always evolved from album to album and this soundtrack is no different. It is unclear as to how Combichrist fans will react to the soundtrack as it is a bit of a departure from what is normally heard on one of their albums. When listening though, one has to consider that this music was created specifically for the video game. While a comment on how the soundtrack blends with the game play cannot be made, it can be said that despite the musical departure, this soundtrack is fast, brash and brutal.

Combichrist’s “No Redemption”

combichrist no redemptionWith “No Redemption”, LaPlegua stripped down the usual electronic elements and instead fused each track with heavy guitars and drums combined with blistering vocals. The result of this change gives us an album that is much less like aggrotech and more industrial punk.  This is most evident on the tracks Zombie Fistfight, Gimme Deathrace, and Falling Apart.  Each of these tracks is quick, aggressive, and contains screeching vocals that are sure to infuse energy into the quickest game play. The repetitive blaring and chanting of the vocals on Gimme Deathrace even seem to instill a sense of carnage that one might find while playing the game. Empty and Feed the Fire are two of the slower and moodier tracks on the album, but as LaPlegua belts out guttural screams, even these tracks evoke a feeling of impending doom.

The electronic elements are not completely gone though. Age of Mutation, Buried Alive, and the title song No Redemption, all contain synth elements that help strengthen and add an additional layer to the tracks.  With Age of Mutation it gives the track a haunting vibe and with Buried Alive it helps to create a sense of urgency. On No Redemption we get both the haunting atmosphere and the urgency, which help to create a very solid title track.

Even with not being a gamer, one can still get a strong sense of how this soundtrack will positively impact the game play and contribute added excitement.  Today’s games are violent, fast, and action packed and that is just the type of soundtrack that this is.

The soundtrack is available now digitally and the CD release is scheduled for February 5th.

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Written by Tim Lawler

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