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Coin Concert Review

Coin @ Nashville – Concert Review

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1157656_10151636593099157_1093216627_nA packed Mercy Lounge kicked September off by dancing the night away with Nashville’s own, Coin. As soon as they hit the stage, the entire crowd was feeling it. From the opening notes of the instrumental “Minty” to a crowd induced encore, not a single person was standing still.

The energetic, poppy, dance sound that Coin has created for themselves translates extremely well in front of a crowd. The high energy levels on stage created even higher energy levels in the crowd with people everywhere dancing and having fun. Not only was the crowd clearly enjoying themselves, the band seem to feed off of them and brought just as much energy. Coin is a band that even on a small stage knows exactly how to take advantage of every inch possible. Lead singer and keyboardist, Chase Lawrence, while keeping close to his instrument still found a way to dance around and hype up the crowd.

Coin’s “Honey”

27926_10151636593154157_1594992933_nThe whole band was nothing but smiles for the whole show, and it was easy to tell that they were enjoying it as much as the crowd was. This could have been due to the informal and relaxed setting. With familiar faces in the crowd, the band was full of banter and interaction rather than keeping to themselves on stage. It created a welcoming environment, even for those who had never seen the band live before.

Coin played a mix of songs off their first EP Saturdays as well as all the songs from their newest EP 1992, but one of the biggest crowd pleasers was a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Cecilia”.

The band who’s still hot off a successful summer EP release and a TV placement in ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars has clearly won the hearts of many in the year that they’ve been a band, and it was clearly shown through the 450+ who were given an incredible live music experience.

Written by Megan Keelan

Photos from Samantha Wideberg

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