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Cloud Control’s LP ‘Bliss Release’

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Cloud Control has one of those sounds that feels so familiar but also refreshing and novel. They seamlessly blend many sounds and genres to create their airy, electronic, psychedelic rock sound. The electronic synthesizer rhythms remind the listener of MGMT, while the smooth, clean guitar riffs sound like something straight from a Radiohead album.

However, their use of musical blending doesn’t ever feel redundant to the listener. They use plenty of their own flair and style in their music to create an innovative and energizing sound.

In their debut album Bliss Release, the Australian band is already catching worldwide attention for their creative style. The band has already received both Best Live Musical Act and Record of the Year Award from the Sydney Music, Arts & Culture Awards. Their single “Gold Canary” also was voted Single of the Year by 3VOOR12 in the Netherlands.

“Death Cloud” is one of the more catchy tracks, with a slow harmonious intro that quickly picks up. The airy guitars, and chorale harmonies create a feeling of lightness for the listener. It picks up into a steady paced, electronic indie-tune that has something new to offer every time you listen to it.

The most highly regarded song on the album; “Gold Canary”, has won multiple awards ranging from Single of the Week to Single of the Year. Similar to “Death Cloud” a harmonious, chorale intro is mixed with a vivacious guitar riff. The catchy lyrics mixed with the unique instrumentals swiftly envelop the listener into the dreamy soundscapes created by the song.

“Just For Now” slows the upbeat, jumpy pace set by the rest of the album, but it doesn’t bog down the album’s flow. The steady folk rhythm in combination with the well-placed vocal harmonies adds a very chill, laid back vibe to the whole album.

The album takes another chiller tone in the last two tracks “Hollow Drums” and “My Fear #1.” Although they don’t have that upbeat, dance feel they maintain a sound that can be appreciated by both die hard fans and the casual listener.

The daunting task of finding a weakness in the album became nearly impossible. Each track is as flawless and as entertaining as the next. There isn’t one point where the music seems to drag or recycle material. At first listen some of the songs may feel a little similar to one another, but they each quickly reveal their own personalities.

Overall Bliss Release is a must have for any fan of exciting paced, pleasant sounding, catchy indie music. It’s absolutely amazing this is the first full album released by a band that plays with such a refined sound. Cloud Control’s use of varied beats, open and airy instrumentals, and constant vocal harmonies meld seamlessly together giving the listener an unparalleled experience.

Written By:
Denny Genahl