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Chuck Ragan’s ‘Till Midnight’ – Album Review

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Chuck Ragan’s fourth solo offering Till Midnight leads out with the title track and sets the tone for an Americana rock and roll record that can’t be played loudly enough…but please feel free to try.  In true Ragan fashion Chuck works tumblr_lg9hvsbOKg1qzw8l8o1_12802seamlessly with his recording and touring combo The Camaraderie (comprised of fiddler Jon Gaunt, bassist Joe Ginsberg, guitarist/pedal steel Todd Beene and newest member David Hildalgo Jr.) as well as cast of musical family that includes Rami Jeffee of Wallflowers/Foo Fighters, Ben Nichols of Lucero, Dave Hause of The Loved Ones Jenny O., Chad Price and Jon Snodgrass.

Till Midnight requires several listens, as layers and nuance build upon one another weaving the story of troubadour, road-weary and reflective but at the same time struggling to get back on the road.  The title track Till Midnight will send listeners to their feet with the driving beat, seeming like a good-bye between lovers Ragan captures an urgency between souls, “I don’t know when again I’ll have you to rest your soul and lighten your load.”

Chuck Ragan’s “Something Must Catch Fire”

Chuck Ragan Till-Midnight-review“Bedroll Lullaby” is the a story of wanderlust and strangely romantic traveler, unsure of when he’ll be home again it leaves the listener wondering where home could possibly be to this fellow. “Wake With You” continues the traveling man’s tale as he finds his way home to be with the one he loves. A soft romantic love song that every woman would want written for her it slows down the album to reflect a bit.

The beauty of this album is the energy, pure and embracing. Known widely for his intimate relationship with his touring mates as well as his fans, Ragan has recorded an album that pulls the listener into that circle.

Available now from SideOneDummy Records in digital format as well as on vinyl this album has something for everyone.   If you haven’t yet jumped on the Chuck Ragan wagon now would be a really good time.  Touring for the next several months in support of this album Chuck is likely headed your way, his live shows are not to be missed.

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Written by Meredith Underhill

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