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Chromatics’ “Lady”

Song Of The Day

Today is the Friday before Labor Day Weekend. To Americans this means a three day weekend for most, and to students it means it that school will start again soon. But no matter where or what you are, it’s the beginning of a summer weekend, and that’s always reason enough to celebrate. Today’s song is aimed at helping you do just that.

“Lady” is found on the Chromatics‘ LP Kill For Love. It is a song that is has some dark and brooding undertones, but that wont stop it form making you want to groove a bit. A stuttering synth line begins the song, and is found throughout, before the wispy and melancholy female vocals pine to us about “if only I could be your lady…”. But then the beat drops, and you realize why this is a Friday song. And then it progresses even more so, and you realize why we picked this as a song of the day. It’s complex, but not too busy. It has beauty, but one that is mysterious. Let it help you slip into weekend mode…

Happy Friday everyone!

Chromatics’ “Lady”