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Charlie Winston: “Hello Alone”

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In talking about his new album, Running Still Charlie Winston states, “My sole objective on the album was to be able to engage people’s feet first and slowly rise to the mind, so by the time they get absorbed in the lyrics, they’re fully engaged but realize there’s something more going on.” I have actually seen this phenomena happen when Charlie Winston came to play my city last year. As an opening act that many in the room had not heard before, it did not take long for the chatting at the back of the room to stop and the dancing at the front to begin. The combination of natural talent, charisma and the strong work ethic behind many years of studying, creating and performing results in a rare, vibrant, music energy that Charlie is able to make happen. You can get a good sense of this in listening to Charlie Winston’s recordings or watching his videos and it is realized to the fullest when experienced live.

Charlie Winston – Hello Alone by Stereolux-Nantes

Charlie Winston’s 2009 breakthrough album Hobo became a Number 1 smash in France and a huge hit throughout Europe and Canada. In his new album, Running Still, Charlie Winston’s musical depth is showcased through such diversity as 80s-referencing pop-funk, charging blues-rock, soulful balladry and all vocal beat-boxing. “It’s near impossible for me to write in one style only,” he says. “And today in my generation of songwriting, there’s a bit of a lack for me. People have forgotten the power of song and how it carries. Coming from parents who are songwriters, that’s my No. 1 thing, really.” Today’s Song of the Day, “Hello Alone” is the opener off the new album. Enjoy! For those of you that appreciate a good music video check out the video below.

Written By: Christina Trummer