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Chainswangaz’s “Don’t U Want Me Babee”

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Artist: Chainswangaz
Song: “Don’t U Want me Babee”
Album:To be announced

Chainswangaz is the newly formed group featuring hip hop rapper/actor Dirt Nasty (also known as Simon Rex) and Grammy award winning producer Jack Splash. Their latest project, “ Don’t U Want Me Babee,” is one of a five part video series leading up to the release of their new EP, available for download September 8th on their website,

Fans of Dirt Nasty who loved “I’m on a Boat” and “1980” will no doubt enjoy the new sound of Chainswangaz. Dirt’s raunchy lyrics and Jack Splash’s futuristic production are definitely not for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, guest appearances from stars such as Andy Milonakis, Kreayshawn, and Charlie Sheen give the EP crazy flavor and the listeners something to talk about.

 Featured here is the latest video “Don’t U Want Me Babee,” a rendition of the 1980’s hit from the Human League. Dressed up with the fast life of the 1980’s, Chainswangaz take you back to the dirty, decadent, synth pop filled era with this one.

Written by Alan Benoit