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Song Of The Day:

pair of arrows

Pair of Arrows: Superimposed

Song Of The Day

Artist: Pair of Arrows Song: “Superimposed” Album: Yet to be released Not much is known about Pair of Arrows. They keep their Facebook scarce, their website ever emptier, and they’ve yet to release…


The Dead Milkmen: Punk Rock Girl

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Dead Milkmen Song: “Punk Rock Girl” Album: Beezlebubba The Dead Milkmen were pivotal in the punk rock scene of the late eighties and early nineties, with their strung out guitar licks…

Screen shot 2012-02-03 at 11.11.48 AM

Leon the Professional: Hit ‘Em in the Head

Song Of The Day

Artist: Leon the Professional Song: “Hit ‘Em in the Head” Album: (B)EAST It seems that in the internet age, hundreds of new hip-hop mix tapes get released a day. While it’s safe to…

the birthday massacre burn away

The Birthday Massacre: Burn Away

Song Of The Day

Song: Burn Away Band: The Birthday Massacre Album: Invisible Monsters Today’s Song of the Day comes to us by the Canadian synth-rock band, The Birthday Massacre. “Burn Away” is one of three new…

The Beach Boys 1980

The Beach Boys: I Know There’s an Answer

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Beach Boys Album: Pet Sounds Song: “I Know There’s an Answer” Today’s Song of the Day, comes from Pet Sounds, an album that obviously needs little introduction. If you haven’t listened…