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RIP iPod Classic

A Classic iPod is Worth What Now?!

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The iPod Classic has been discontinued. It’s very interesting, last week we posted an article on the differences – seen and unseen – between owning versus streaming your music. The article looks at…

owning vs streaming music

Music Talk: Streaming vs Owning

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Let’s first look at the facts, owning music in the form of downloading albums and songs is on the decline. Digital sales declined for the first time in 2013 and are continuing to…

When Less is More

Music Talk: When Less is More

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Less can be more. This was a concept many others and I were taught while studying audio engineering. As a statement it’s an oxymoron, but in relation to music it’s an absorbing topic…


Some Fun Tidbits from the 2014 CMJ Music Marathon

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New York City’s CMJ Music Marathon came and went, and there was a lot to be excited about: lots of hype, lots of venues, and lots of shows. Playing CMJ can be a…


Coheed and Cambria’s New Vinyl Record Giveaway

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OurVinyl is teaming up with Coheed and Cambria to celebrate their long awaited vinyl reissue of the band’s celebrated second album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. We will be giving away…