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L'Orange The Orchid Days Album

L’Orange – ‘The Orchid Days’ LP Preview & an Interview

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Musical mastermind L’Orange is bringing his new album, ‘The Orchid Days’, to our world, pulling you into his noir-infused, jazzy universe of conceptual heaven. Each of the tracks on each of his previous…

Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan – An Interview

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Creating music in the purest sense, is piecing together notes which are born in the soul, take their first steps in the heart, and are given flight through a musical instrument. Nowhere is…

the weeks collage

The Weeks – An Interview

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It was day 2 at New Orleans’ Voodoo Experience and contacting Mississippi born The Weeks) proved to be an impossible online task, but luck is a teasing bitch. There, next to the press…


Mike Linardi of Deal Casino – An Interview

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While New Jersey has been the brunt of jokes and bad press over the years, there can be no disputing the musical talent produced in the state. From the obvious names that can…

tokyo rosenthal interview

Tokyo Rosenthal – An Interview

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“I’ve had an amazing amount of luck even to be able to do this for the past eight years that I’ve been doing it. While the Grammy thing would be incredible, it’s not…