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Earth Primitive and Deadly

Earth’s ‘Primitive And Deadly’ – Album Review


The band Earth and all of its previous works easily define them as a innovator. They traverse and explore so many styles of metal, including drone, doom, and the aptly titled stoner metal…


Blonde Redhead’s ‘Barragán’ – Album Review

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Bands are like friends. You meet them at a certain time in your life and they help you through that period, difficult or otherwise. Even if you change or they do, you still…

Catskill Chill

Catskill Chill 2014 – Festival Preview

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Once a year, there’s a special thing that happens in the mountains of New York State. Nestled in Catskills is Hancock, NY’s Camp Minglewood. Mainly a theatre camp, the lakeside property is spotted…

Spoon they want my soul

Spoon’s ‘They Want My Soul’ – Album Review


After a four year hiatus during which Spoon’s members formed other bands and toured, one might expect their return record to have a different and new approach. Not so for Spoon, and that’s…

Gathering of the Vibes

Gathering of the Vibes 2014 – Festival Preview

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Gathering of the Vibes on the shores of Long Island Sound in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Seaside Park July 31st through August 3rd is undeniably one of the best outdoor music festivals of the summer….