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jamie shields new deal

Jamie Shields of The New Deal – An Interview


On an early Autumn night high among New York’s Catskill Mountains, I laid in a hammock back stage during the rain. I was about as anxious as anyone could be in a hammock,…

juan maclean in a dream

The Juan MacLean’s ‘In A Dream’ – Album Review

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It’s something special that DFA Records had in the early 2000′s. After LCD Soundsystem blew up, a secondary and tertiary list of incredible producers, creators, and shadowy stars built what we know and…

Earth Primitive and Deadly

Earth’s ‘Primitive And Deadly’ – Album Review

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The band Earth and all of its previous works easily define them as a innovator. They traverse and explore so many styles of metal, including drone, doom, and the aptly titled stoner metal…


Blonde Redhead’s ‘Barragán’ – Album Review

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Bands are like friends. You meet them at a certain time in your life and they help you through that period, difficult or otherwise. Even if you change or they do, you still…

Catskill Chill

Catskill Chill 2014 – Festival Preview

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Once a year, there’s a special thing that happens in the mountains of New York State. Nestled in Catskills is Hancock, NY’s Camp Minglewood. Mainly a theatre camp, the lakeside property is spotted…