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A Look at Record Store Day 2011

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The third Saturday of April each year is the official unofficial holiday “Record Store Day” (RSD), the Christmas Day for record geeks (geeks is meant with much love) and collectors of every genre…


Vinyl vs CD/mp3: Insights into Music Formats & the Meta...

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[Preface: There is no argument for an objective superior. Steaks, hamburger and sloppy joes are all great. But to not know what you’re eating is only letting yourself down ….] Any avid music…


Artist Spotlight: The Floorwalkers

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An evening with The Floorwalkers is a far cry from a dull experience. This Columbus native band draws upon rock n’ roll roots, infused with blues, soul, reggae, and Indie. These musical influences…


The Forgotten Novelty of the Fab Four

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So I am not here to proclaim that Lennon and McCartney constituted to combine into some sort of musical Jesus reincarnate. I am not here to jam down any fellow young person’s throat…


With A Little Help From… My Mellotron?

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Basically the whole world celbrates the life and death of the great Beatle John Lennon. Yet few of us remember the instrument that John Lennon favored over many… and that is the Mellotron,…


Sissy Bounce: Shake That Ass! (An examination of gay rap cul...

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Hip Hop has evolved over the past few decades from an urban underground political movement into a genre consistently shaping mainstream pop culture. When asked to prototype the traditional hip hop artist one…


The Cars Reunite and Give us a Glimpse of New Material

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One guesses The Cars have noticed that that whole “New Wave” sound, which they were such an important component of in the 1980’s, has again found new life with the contemporary generation of…


From the Big Easy to Brooklyn: Red Hot + New Orleans

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This past weekend New York was treated to a wonderful sampling of New Orleans music. No part of the Crescent City’s rich musical heritage was skipped over as the audience at the Brooklyn…


Bassik: An Examination of New Orleans’ Emerging Bass Cultu...

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Through all the different varieties and genres of music, the collective fan bases can comprise a sort of subculture. This outlet not only serves as a means of networking amongst those with similar…


Black Friday Record Store Day

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As many of you know there is a national record store day, which of course, we at OurVinyl are total supporters of. But that holiday of sorts isn’t until spring, but there is…


Editor’s Thoughts: Remembering Elliott Smith

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7 years ago this week the world lost Elliott Smith, and quite sadly, lost him at his own insistence. After being reminded of the anniversary of his death, immediately I felt that something…

The Bouncing Souls

Celebrating 30 Years of Punk Rock With Bad Religion

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Who: Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls, and Off With Their Heads When: October 12, 2010 Where: Cleaveland House of Blues Way back in June of 2010 when tickets went on sale for this show,…