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marilyn manson pale emperor

Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Pale Emperor’ – Album Review

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Even the blackest of souls can claw their way out of the depths of hell for a shot at redemption. For shock rocker Marilyn Manson that’s no small feat, but on The Pale…

panda bear meets the grim reaper

Panda Bear’s Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper – Album Review

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Death. You think about it. It might not be every day or even that often, but death often trips up a thought pattern from time to time, and death is a very serious…

ty segall mr face ep

Ty Segall’s Mr. Face EP – Album Review

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Prolific is a word often used by purveyors of Ty Segall to describe him. Insane is a less popular, but possibly better fit, considering Segall’s erratic songwriting and execution, but labelling Ty Segall…

Dr Dog Live At Flamingo Hotel Album Review

Dr. Dog’s ‘Live at the Flamingo Hotel’ – Album Review

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In this 19-song live adventure of an album, Dr. Dog deftly weaves in and out of various albums, from Toothbrush to B-Room, featuring an assortment of their hits, such as “Broken Heart”, “Shadow…

flying lotus you're dead

Flying Lotus’ ‘You’re Dead!’ – Album Review

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There’s nothing more significant to human beings than death—our untimely and hopefully gracious exit as human beings into the ether of whatever comes after life. Flying Lotus has dealt with many people in…

juan maclean in a dream

The Juan MacLean’s ‘In A Dream’ – Album Review

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It’s something special that DFA Records had in the early 2000’s. After LCD Soundsystem blew up, a secondary and tertiary list of incredible producers, creators, and shadowy stars built what we know and…

Earth Primitive and Deadly

Earth’s ‘Primitive And Deadly’ – Album Review

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The band Earth and all of its previous works easily define them as a innovator. They traverse and explore so many styles of metal, including drone, doom, and the aptly titled stoner metal…


Blonde Redhead’s ‘Barragán’ – Album Review

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Bands are like friends. You meet them at a certain time in your life and they help you through that period, difficult or otherwise. Even if you change or they do, you still…

Spoon they want my soul

Spoon’s ‘They Want My Soul’ – Album Review

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After a four year hiatus during which Spoon’s members formed other bands and toured, one might expect their return record to have a different and new approach. Not so for Spoon, and that’s…

lazaretto album

Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’ – Album Review

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Immediately after reading the headline of this review it is very likely you fell into one of two camps: someone already converted to the brilliance of Jack White or someone who either hates…

Atmosphere southsider album review

Atmosphere’s ‘Southsiders’ – Album Review

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It’s been nearly six years since Atmosphere’s breakout When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold in 2008. With a fistful of angst and new-found acclaim, the Minneapolis hip-hop duo of…

Swans to be kind

Swans’ ‘To Be Kind’ – Album Review

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Michael Gira’s taking you to church. No, he’s not singing ballads and bone-crushing riffs to tell you about Jesus – he’s simply allowing music to be your bible, faith, and salvation. Gira, the…