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Cass McCombs: County Line

Song Of The Day

Sometimes the heaviest songs could sound so subtle. A perfect example would be “County Line”, by California’s Cass McCombs. With so much emotional output, the listener is invited to enter a beautiful place in which McCombs orchestrates.

It is the first track off of his “Wit’s End” album and McCombs introduces his beautiful voice right off the bat with no hesitation. There are hints of a vintage sound that could suggest this modern pop song could be influenced by pop music decades before its existence. The backing band behind McCombs hit notes and a certain pitch that could only be described as exquisite.

There are not many changes in musical variation but never the less the listener should be moved and satisfied by this amazing piece.

Written By:
Alex Giardini

Cass McCombs – County Line by PitchPerfectPR