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Carina Round’s LP ‘Tigermending’

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For those who bought their tickets and went to see Puscifer tour North America this spring also got a pretty good taste of singer/songwriter Carina Round. And now the rest of the world gets to see what all the fuss is about with the release of her latest full length effort, ‘Tigermending’, in stores on May 1st.

The album is a pure adventure from the beginning to the end; with its highs and lows, peaks and valleys, Carina’s lyrics and music taken the listener on a journey through her very soul. And it is a wonderful and delightful musical journey. Sighting musical influences like Tom Waits, Roxy Music, Bowie, Nina Simone, Patti Smith and the Velvet Underground just to name a few, you can imagine that Round’s sound is what one would describe as eclectic.

Carina Round’s Pick Up The Phone

From the opening track on the album, “Pick up the Phone”, you know that Carina pulls no punches with her lyrics. Seeing as the first words you hear in the song are, “pick up the phone, I’m pregnant with your baby, just wanted you to know.” The track is a deep and biting phone call to an ex-lover, it tells a story and the melodies are mysterious and dark, almost fitting the fact that you don’t know all of the details of said “relationship”, you just know that things didn’t end well for anyone involved.

In a music industry that seems to be currently filled with vapid female acts, Carina is a welcome change on the scene. Some of the musical stylings on the album are reminiscent of something you might hear from Tool, Nine Inch Nails or moodier electronica based bands. In addition the lyrics are simply, very soulful, meaningful, personal, deep, striking, and seem to stir something deep within the listeners’ soul. And Round seems to perform these songs with such easy, as though they just flow directly from her brain and onto a recorded medium.

Carina Round’s Girl And The Ghost [For a FREE DOWNLOAD of this song as an Mp3, just click here!]

On the track, “You Will Be Loved”, Round showcases her amazing voice against a very subdued melody that tells the story of being broken and rising oneself up from the ashes of their former self, promising in the chorus that, “I pray that soon you’ll be lifted soon from hell”. A song that Round said had been appearing to her in her daily life and she “couldn’t understand why she couldn’t be satisfied” that is until two pieces of the puzzle dropped into place and she was able to connect the dots and write a very beautiful and one can imagine, personal track.

Written by Christina Lawler | OurVinyl Contributor

For more from Carina, log onto her website at where she keeps up to date with news, blog entries, and has promised that she will be touring for the new release sometime this summer. To purchase ‘Tigermending’ for yourself, which will be released on May 1st, click here.

In the meantime, you can listen and watch the video, directed by Scott Rhea, for the first single from the “Tigermending” album, called “The Last Time”. Another track that shows the range, delicacy, ferocity, vulnerability and fearlessness that Carina seems to roll into one little category and create amazing music with it.

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