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Cannonball Adderley: One for Daddy-o

Song Of The Day

Artist: Cannonball Adderley
Song: “One for Daddy-o”
Album: Somethin’ Else

Although Miles Davis managed to more or less become the godfather of jazz, a number of his contemporaries certainly helped him along the way. Take Cannonball Adderley, for instance, an alto saxophonist who played a key role in the production of Davis’ Kind of Blue, considered one of the most influential LP’s in the history of not just jazz, but music in general.

When Miles wanted to record another album soon after Blue and his label refused to allow it, (they wanted to give the recent release more time to sell) he found a loophole by releasing an album under the guise of naming Cannonball Adderley the head of the band. Even though Somethin’ Else is properly titled an Adderley work, make no mistake: Davis had a lot of influence.

Here’s my favorite cut off the album, One for Daddy-o. A smooth number for lazy Sundays and nights after a hard work day, Adderley leads his band to something close to perfection here. It would later go on to influence the work of jazz musicians around the world.

Written by Dean Goranites

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