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Camp Bisco XII – Festival Preview


While it may not feel like it, June is winding down quickly and July is right around the corner. That means fireworks, barbeque, beer with flags on the can, water balloon fights, celebrating all things America, and of course – Bisco! The twelfth annual Camp Bisco Music & Arts Festival kicks off July 11th just outside Albany,  in Mariaville, NY.

LineupCamp has hosted incredible acts in the past years including Bassnectar, Atmosphere, Skrillex, Brothers Past, Thundercat, The Manhattan Project, and of course the illustrious festival founders: The Disco Biscuits. On the main stages this year we’re looking forward to Umphrey’s McGee, STS9, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Twiddle, Lotus, Break Science, and Animal Collective among others – like everyone. The complete list is available on the Camp Bisco website.

The Silent Disco lineup will include a Passion Pit DJ set, Exmag; Manic Focus; Alan Blancato; Business Casual; Cosmal; The Golden Pony; Horizon Wireless; KDSML; Max Mischief; The Melker Project; Mr. Bonkers; Muson Meeks; Risky Disco; Russ Liquid; Space Jesus; Strooly and Subset.

Elsewhere throughout the festi you can get down to Gramatik, HeRobust, and Congorock as well as a plethora of additional dankess too numerous to mention here.

Besides the beats, what else is important to know about Camp Bisco? Well it’s not your average festival. First, it’s known to sell out – so get pre-sale tickets ASAP. Day tickets are available for $90 as well. Next, security is not what you might expect. Instead of an pacifist army of hippie volunteers, this is run Altamont Free Festival style. A friendly hoard of local bikers who own the property will be keeping the peace. What does that really mean? You definitely, seriously, definitely don’t want to cause trouble. Not that you would though, right? Many of the crew’s old ladies man the gates, and they’re some of the most badass and awesome gals in the universe. Best advice: wear a smile and don’t talk shit. That’s how you should roll anyway.

The property, Indian Lookout Country Club, is not so much a country club as it is a huge swath of gorgeous nature. So leave your seersucker short shorts and boat shoes at home. In fact, be sure to bring a pair of rain boots or some kind of footwear you don’t mind destroying. A raincoat or poncho is a must. Basically, be prepared to get down and dirty in more ways than one. Forget about sidewalks, concrete, or permanent structures – this is basically just nature with a stage on it and tens of thousands of heads looking to rage.

And rage we all shall.

See you at Camp Bisco!

Written by Pete DeStefano

OurVinyl | Contributor