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C2C’s “Down the Road”

Song Of The Day

C2C is a four piece DJ group from France, featuring some of the most cutting edge techniques in DJ’ing out there right now. With their unique take on mash-ups, remixes, and live performance, C2C use the power of turntables to create a style of music unlike anything else out there.

Often times, the band will record their own instrumentation to vinyl record — from stand up acoustic bass, to piano, drums, guitar — you name it. The group will then take their recorded performances and play them live, while using performance techniques akin to DJ’ing more traditional music. The final product is like what you can hear below on the track “Down the Road.” An eclectic mix of funk, folk, americana, electronic dance, and more, “Down the Road” showcases just what is capable in today’s world of modern music recording.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor