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Bruce Springsteen’s LP “Wrecking Ball”

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For a guy who is now 62 years old, released his first album back in 1973, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999, there seems to be no stopping the amazing talent of Bruce Springsteen. And that talent that can be heard to its fullest on his latest release, “Wrecking Ball”.

The 17th studio release for Springsteen, it debuted at number one in 15 different countries, including the US and the UK.  The album’s first single, “We Take Care of Our Own”, is nothing short of what anyone would come to expect of “The Boss”.  It’s a mix of uplifting, good old fashioned rock n’ roll Americana and even a hint of Irish folk music all rolled into a song that also is complete with a catchy, toe tapping hook that leaves a person humming and singing along, long after the song has ended.

Bruce Springsteen’s We Take Care Of Our Own

Lyrically, the song “We Take Care of our Own” is an equal balance of patriotic anthem and a rallying indictment of the big corporations and our government’s inability to take care of the poor, down trodden and middle class heroes Springsteen has always been a major advocate for.

On the track, “Shackled and Drawn” the music and lyrical content of the song is almost reminiscent of something you would expect that Johnny Cash might have recorded if he were still alive.  With its mix of country, rhythm, and soulful gospel feel to it, it’s a true and honest song that resonates to the bone.

Bruce Springsteen’s Shackled and Drawn

The title track, “Wrecking Ball”, was written a few years ago, in 2009, prior to a series of shows the he did with the E Street band at Giants Stadium before it was razed in 2010 as a tribute to the venue. The song reflects the love and appreciation of fans of the teams that took to the gridiron there and the musicians that played massive concerts to thousands there over the years.   It’s a bit of a love song to a venue, which many listeners can relate to, in a day and age where old buildings, theaters and venues being torn down to make room for the new, state of the art megaplexes that take their place.  It’s about paying tribute to the nostalgia and remembering the good times.

The second single from the album, “Rocky Ground” is set to be released on Record Store Day, April 21st, and will be accompanied by a 7” vinyl single.  The song features a heavy religious theme, with Springsteen being backed by a gospel choir. The song features excerpts of the traditional gospel song, “I am a Soldier in the Army of the Lord” sung by the Victorious Gospel Choir and background vocals and even a bit of rapping provided by Michelle Moore.  It is a mix of traditional and contemporary music that proves Springsteen has a gift of crafting music that speaks to people, straight to their hearts and reminds many that he can still be a contemporary force in the music industry today.

Even though it’s been almost 39 years since Springsteen released his first album, his talent for song writing and good old fashioned Americana music has never waned.  He still can relate to fans of any age and almost more importantly, he can be relevant to those fans, no matter their age. Many other reviewers and media outlets are labeling the “Wrecking Ball” album one Springsteen’s strongest efforts in years, comparing it heavily to the 1982 classic release “Nebraska”, and the 1984’s multiplatinum smash “Born in the U.S.A.”.   From beginning to end, the “Wrecking Ball” album is a journey through the strife, struggles and hardships that only Springsteen can define and put to music.

Written by Christina Lawler