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brown bird fits of reason review

Brown Bird’s ‘Fits of Reason’ – Album Review

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Most people haven’t heard of the Providence Rhode Island based band, Brown Bird, but with the release of their new album, Fits of Reason, all that may change. The band itself was founded by vocalist and songwriter, David Lamb and has gone through various incarnations of multiple players before coming to rest where the band is now, simply from a band to a duo. Lamb is joined by Morgan Eve Swain, and brown bird fits of reason reviewtogether they make a remarkable folk band that has their musical basis in Blues and Americana Roots, but also blends in shades of Middle Eastern strings, psychedelic rock, jazz and a little bit of everything in between.

The album’s opening track and the first single for the album, the song “Seven Hells” is a very bluesy and gritty track that really catches the listener’s attention straight out of the gate. Lamb and Swain combine the crunchy electric guitar riffs with a very simple percussion, various stringed instruments and a little bit of those psych rock influences to catch the listener’s attention and make them realize this is like nothing they have heard before. And in essence, it’s also nothing like the band has ever done before. This album showcases the bands use of the electric guitar for the first time in their history in addition to the simple foot-percussion, violin, cello and upright bass that they have become known for, but also delve into heavier territory than in previous releases with the addition of electric guitar and the bass.

Brown Bird’s “Seven Hells”

As the album progresses on, it takes you through a unique journey filled with musical twists and turns from tracks like the sultry, bluesy rhythms of the track “The Messenger” to eclectic tracks like “Nine Eyes”, which sounds like a blending of Middle Eastern music, Mexican Flamenco guitar and a touch of Folk Americana, it shows the range that the band has and the layers of sound that blend together into each track. “We’re showing a little bit more of our international influences on Fits of Reason,” explains Lamb.  “We’ve been listening to a lot of ’60s and ’70s psych-rock from around the world – Pakistan, Peru, Cambodia, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey.”

Brown Bird’s “Nine Eyes”

brown bird fits of reason reviewIn a time when bands like the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons and others with that the throwback folksy Americana sound have gained major popularity, Fits of Reason could be album that is the breakout success to put Brown Bird on the map and make them a household name.

Brown Bird spent the majority of 2012 touring with bands like Trampled by Turtles, The Devil Makes Three and Yonder Mountain String Band and more touring is in their future.  With their upcoming release, a spring tour and stops at both the Stagecoach and Sasquatch Festivals, plus more Summer dates to be announced soon, log on to the bands website at or on Facebook at

Written by Christina Lawler

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