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bronze radio return shake shake shake

Bronze Radio Return’s “Shake Shake Shake”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is Shake Shake Shake from Bronze Radio Return. It is an exuberant roots/folk-pop/rock song (did that make sense?). The song is off of an album of the same name. They utilize the reverbed clap, that is quite popular right now, to open and set up the song. Upon that there is some quasi-intricate acoustic guitar playing that interplays with the claps very well. They employ quick mid-song pauses, utilizing small moments of silence well, especially before they return to their swaggering beat. The song is really about the simple beat, around which everything else dances in a more meticulous manner. But that beat gives the song a palpabale energy, yet one that doesn’t rise much faster than a heartbeat, keeping the listener calm throughout.

It’s great for a Sunday. Enjoy.

Bronze Radio Return’s Shake Shake Shake

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