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breach the void - the monochromatic era

Breach The Void’s “Customized Genotype”

Song Of The Day

Ah Switzerland. The landlocked beauty of the Eurozone is known for its watches, chocolate, and for being less violent than the pit at an Eagles concert. Despite not letting its citizens join foreign armies, this World War dodger has still exported some seriously aggressive music. Like it’s homestead, Swiss metal is rich, beautiful, and bursting with repressed aggression, from the pounding folkish medleys of Eluveitie to the explosive, cyberscape of Sybreed.

Now, Breach the Void continues the trend. Formerly known as Etna, the band began as a pet project of former Sybreed drummer Alex Anxionna, and following a few lineup changes, mixed their first album The Monochromatic Era with the legendary Tue Madson (The Haunted, Dark Tranquility).

Their sound marries a pounding death metal/electronic cyberscape with the melodious voice of Marko Romera, who has been blessed with the dual talent of singing clean and tortured vocals, not unlike Scar Symmetry’s former singer Christian Alvestam.

Written by Chris Butsch