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brasstronaut opportunity

Brasstronaut’s “Opportunity”

Song Of The Day

It starts out with just what sounds like cello strumming. Some bells and whistles float in as the percussion slowly, very slowly, builds in momentum. Violin strings can be heard, an electric guitar bounces left and right, while the vocals whisperly talk about an opportunity of some kind. More and more sounds pour in, slowly and with finesse, but soon enough the inertia is stronger than you have realized. All of a sudden the beat comes in and takes over, making everything alright, gloriously so. And that trumpet at the end? Such a pleasant surprise…

Today’s song is Brasstronaut‘s “Opportunity”, and you might recognize it from the March edition of Back of the Rack. It truly is a wonderful sonic creation from these 6 Canadian musicians. Enjoy!

Basstronaut’s Opportunity