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boxed wine feral

Boxed Wine’s “Feral”

Song Of The Day

Boxed Wine, from Montclair, New Jersey, founded their band in 2011 and quickly released their debut EP back in January of this year. Cemented in traditional indie rock, the four piece usually likes to throw in some funky, up-tempo danceable groves into their mix as well.

Stripped down guitars, fuzzy bass, and steady drums best defines Boxed Wine’s sound, and is pretty evident in their single “Feral,” featured below. Vampire Weekend fans should find themselves pretty comfortable here, as snazzy, speedy guitar riffs play nicely off the highpaced splashy percussion work. By the way, if you find yourself liking what your hear, you can download that debut EP of theirs right here.



Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor