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BOTR - August 2011

August 2011

Back Of The Rack

Welcome to Our Vinyl’s second release of Back of the Rack, where we give the readers a chance to hear great new music they never would have heard by providing an opportunity for independent and small indie bands around the world. These bands, singers, musicians and songwriters are producing amazing music, and despite today’s technology, very few of us are fortunate enough to find it. That is where OV steps in.

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In July, we offered our readers a chance to download tracks from 6 great bands with a lot to offer. Now that the word is getting out a bit, we were bombarded with submissions. It was very difficult trying to pick through them all as there were so many high quality choices. The piles of submissions slowly shrunk down to 24 finalists. From there, we worked our way down to 10. I hope that speaks a bit to the quality of the tracks that were chosen, and that you, the reader, enjoy them.

Over 1,400 people downloaded the 6 tracks from July and more will gladly take advantage of the 10 we offer for August. If you find a song or a band you like through these releases, please support these great musicians. “Like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, download their music, share it with your friends and go see them live if they are in your area. Many of these bands might never reach the levels of some of their colleagues. They need our support. Please spread the word and help them continue to do what they love. Now, without further ado…your August 2011 Back of the Rack artists:

Way Yes – Walkability
Location: Columbus, OH
Genre: Experimental/Indie/Pop
Members: Glenn Davis, Travis Hall

Hall and Davis worked for years in other bands before coming together as Way Yes. They have quickly become one of Columbus’ more popular bands. Their five track EP Walkability was released earlier this year. They make a concerted effort to keep the music “light” and their fans moving, but hidden behind the musical façade are deep lyrics on dark subjects.


Luke Wade & No Civilians – Ghost On A Wire
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Genre: Pop/Soul/Folk
Members: Luke Wade, Scott Lee, Justin Pate, Nick Choate, David Wade, Zach Heffley

If you have followed the music scene in Texas at all over the years, a band called Hurt Street may ring a bell. As the frontman of that band, Luke Wade took it all over the state, playing with some of the best acts in the state until they broke up in 2008. Out of the ashes of that effort rises Luke Wade & No Civilians. His voice is infectious and the song will play in your head when you least expect it.


Old Hundred – Midwest Girl
Location: Columbus, OH
Genre: Folk Rock
Members: Blake Skidmore, Nate Gelinas, Gordy Smith, Jon Helm, Hal Hixson

The second band out of the hotbed of new music that is Columbus, Ohio. This is another hot band from the area. They just recently won the opening slot in CD101 FM’s Summerfest. This quartet puts together strong rhythms, catchy hooks and harmonies reminiscent of early Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. As this track plays, the second half is the perfect example of why they would win such a contest as Summerfest.


the happy problem – Matador
Location: New York, NY
Genre: Indie-punk
Members: Sam Shaber, Tony Cortes, Joe Nerve

Matador has taken the world by storm. In a very short time, they have gained a large following and have had songs picked up for a bunch of different television spots in shows on MTV and E! among others. Lead singer Sam Shaber is also the sexy voice in a song in the upcoming movie “BUTTER” during an Olivia Wilde strip-tease (yes boys, let that sink in a moment). As the band says, “this is indiepunk for a new generation and it’ll get your happy back.”


Phantods – Creature
Location: Columbus, OH
Genre: Indie/New Wave
Members: Gretchen King, Daniel Hagquist, Alex Weinhardt, Kenan Edler, Kyle Frith

The third and final band from Columbus and the second in a row with a female lead. I am woman, hear me roar! A finalist in the Summerfest, Phantods turn up the volume and the tension in this great track that will have you screaming the chorus with the windows down. Along with the happy problem listed above, this is one of the harder tunes this month, but it brings so much more. Tight riffs, strong bass line and drum play and King’s gorgeous voice that would fit in a ripping punk song or a soft ballad.


Marcus Foster – Circle In The Square
Location: London, UK
Genre: Blues/Folk
Members: Marcus Foster

Rarely does a singer/songwriter come along that can show so much raw emotion without coming off as full of cheese. There are one or two out there now. One that comes to mind would be Ray LaMontagne. Marcus Foster is another. His vocals on this track are haunting and full of vulnerability rarely shown today. Foster released the four track EP Tumble Down earlier this year and is following up with the full length Nameless Path.


In Color – Dance Until You’re Dino Sore
Location: Orlando, FL
Genre: Pop/Rock
Members: Evan Schulte, Kevin Ojea, Brenden Raulerson

Do not let the title of this song fool you. This song could be on every “New Rock” radio station in the country. When Evan Schulte submitted this song he said “It’s a fun, catchy song that I think truly represents who we are as a band and the style of music we play.” In a world where we have Fountains of Wayne, Fall Out Boy and Death Cab For Cutie, In Color fits in extremely well.


Deep.Sea.Creatures – Sister Mountain
Location: Haifa, Israel
Genre: Electronic/Alternative
Members: Adam Peri, Eyal Glass

Greetings from the Holy Land! The duo from Haifa has recently re-located to southern California and has their first American show on August 15th at The Mint in L.A. DSC uses complex electronic sounds with strong beats to create an almost club-like feel. Laying over that are R&B-esque vocals, but this is much more than a simple R&B song.


California Wives – Blood Red Youth
Location – Chicago, IL
Genre: Indie/New Wave
Members: Joe O’Connor, Jayson Kramer, Dan Zima, Hans Michel

Formed in 2009, the quartet has built a strong following in the windy city. They have taken the sounds of New Order, Police and even Jane’s Addiction and made it sound new. You can find examples of each on the featured track, but it never sounds or feels stolen or blatantly copied. They’ve morphed those original ideas into a fresh track. They can next be seen at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago on September 3rd.


Sleeper Agent – Get It Daddy
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Genre: Garage/Pop Rock
Members: Alex Kandel, Tony Smith, Justin Wilson, Lee Williams, Scott Gardner, Josh Martin

Yet another strong, hard-edged song with a female lead singer. Hail to the ladies!!! Our editor’s pick has broken some serious ground lately. They were recently featured as a breakout artist in SPIN Magazine and “Get It Daddy” was picked as the song of the week in USA Today a few weeks ago. Their album Celebrasion is due to be released in September.

With “Get It Daddy,” you have what may have been if Jack White ever gave sister Meg a little space in the White Stripes. Kandel comes right out and tells him “I’m not a baby no more.” The band is tight and the whole song is another one that you will be screaming with the windows down as you drive around this summer


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