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Song Of The Day

Song: Boston

Band: Augustana

LP: All the Stars and Boulevards

Today’s song of the day is “Boston” by Augustana. Appearing in 2005 on the “All the Stars and Boulevards” album, Augustana seemed to be the band for a short stretch of my music going experience that kept appearing as the opener. I remember the first time I heard them thinking that they stylistically reminded me a lot of the mid-90’s music produced by the Counting Crows. Not to my surprise, they showed up as the opening act the next time Counting Crows came through my city. I then noticed this song as a frequent late night ‘you ought to know’ featured on MTV.

Augustana originated in Greenville, Illinois in 2002 when singer Dan Layus set off to create a band. Originally wanting to call themselves ‘The Looking Glass’, they soon changed their name to Augustana, named after the college where they frequently traveled to for sporting events.

The inspiration for the song was a girl that Layus dated in high school but left when he went to college.The band released their third album, ‘Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt’ early in 2008 and plans to release their self titled 4th full length album on April 26th, 2011.