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Born Ruffian’s “Needle”

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Sometimes a song finds you right when you need it. “Little Garson” found its why to college radio stations in 2008, and that made its way into my car stereo on a summer drive to a cabin. There must be part of Born Ruffians when Vampire Weekend blew up they thought “what the shit just happen?” Four years later they are about to launch “Birthmarks,” their fourth album. The first single “Needle,” the chorus is bold singing about a needle in the hay, we all know the theory. Luke Lalonde said “Needle to me is really about being out of the game for a bit and losing touch with that identity in a good way.”

“I belong to now one” caught my attention from the opening of the song. It’s a reminder that we all get a bit lost in life, lose touch, or are in different places, but it’s never impossible to find your way back, and sometime you need to get a bit lost to be found.

Written By Danni Bauer

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Born Ruffian’s “Needle”