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Bomb The Music Industry!’s “Everybody That You Love”

Song Of The Day

Band: Bomb the Music Industry!
Song: Everybody That You Love
Album: Coming this summer

“Song of the Day” today by one of the  biggest D.I.Y. bands around, Bomb the music industry! (yes, the exclamation point is included in the name,) from Brooklyn, NY. Known for their strong moral beliefs, BTMI! does not sell merchandise at their concerts, but will spray paint you a shirt with stencils if you bring your owe tee. All their music is free for download at their own record labels website, QuoteUnquote Records. They will only play all-ages shows. They promise to never charge more than $10 a concert ticket.

Not only do their beliefs rock, their music does too. Check out “Everybody That You Love,” a song who’s tone is perfectly matched with the video of a romp on a Californian beach and boardwalk in the heart of Summer.

By Dean Goranites

Bomb The Music Industry! – “Everybody That You Love” from Bryan Schlam on Vimeo.