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Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Bob Dylan
Song: Forever Young
Album: Planet Waves

Today’s song is in honor of a music legend that is synonymous with the legend of rock and roll. Bob Dylan. Today is his 70th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to play his song, “Forever Young,” which is exactly what he will be every time someone listens to any of the amazing music he’s created over his 50 years in the music business.

Released in 1974, Dylan had just become a father recently and this song was meant as a blessing to pass from father to child. It contained all the wishes and hopes he had for his newborn child (though I don’t remember him mentioning “One Headlight” hmm…). It is a powerful and moving song, a fitting tribute to a man who contines to inspire new generations of music fans to search for substance, honesty and integrity in their music.

By Jarad Matula