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blur look inside america

Blur: “Look Inside America”

Song Of The Day

blur look inside america
Artist: Blur
Song: ”Look Inside America”
Album: Blur

Happy 4th of July everyone! What song to pick for such a day as Independence Day? We decided to pass on the Lee Greenwood and Bruce Springsteen this year and have a song from an outsider. Not just any outsider though. Today’s song about America comes from the decidedly British band Blur. Who better to discuss this country than those from the motherland we cast off from so many years ago?

Part cultural commentary, part lament of a U.K. act trying to break into the American music scene, it’s a nice and slow rock number. There’s still that great guitar sound, but it’s combined with hints of orchestral strings. Beautiful harmonies join singer Damon Albarn in the chorus, swelling to epic proportions. It’s got the kind of slow sway that makes you want to hold a lighter aloft and move it side to side.


He mentions LA’s KROQ radio station, Woody Allen and Annie Hall. Damon talks of our “kookie nights and suicides.” He seems fascinated with us and our culture but perfectly comfortable keeping us at arm’s length as he tells us, “She’s alright…I’m not trying to make her (America) mine.”  That’s alright Damon, you can appreciate us from afar. Us stubborn Yankees probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer