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The Middle East’s “Blood”

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First listen to “Blood” by The Middle East it’s hard to ignore the bigger picture of the songs. When you take the time to listen to the story, it’s about being a human, and that we are all here, but not forever, and it completely out of our hands. It’s an interesting take on a larger subject, they song embodies happiness. You can’t help to weld up with tears of joy would listening to the sounds, the lyrics come secondary. It feels real, it isn’t until you are touched with losing someone close that you start thinking about life and death, and how every time you lose someone you love you are forever changed, at the same time the music is about being alive. It’s beautifully done, and well thought out.

You want to rip all your clothes off and run through a field.

Written by Danni Bauer

OurVinyl | Contributor

The Middle East’s Blood

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