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Blink 182: “Up All Night”

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It had been eight years since pop-punk super group Blink-182 had released any new music. When the band took an indefinite hiatus in 2005, many fans were worried they would never hear another new song from the trio again. However, in 2009 tragedy hit drummer Travis Barker, and the band announced that blink-182 would once again be reunited to release a new album.

Come 2011 and fans were still waiting for the band’s promised reunion album. “Up All Night”, their first single in eight years, has helped feed the craving of every hungry fan. It represents a new, more mature band that listeners only got a glimpse of in the band’s 2003 self-titled album. The single comes in hard with a driving guitar and pounding drums, but then shifts to something more distinctive. Using a matured pop-punk style the song, “Up All Night” perfectly compliments singer and guitarist Tom Delonge’s unique voice and style. Bassist Mark Hoppus supplies the necessary backup vocals to Delonge, and helps take the song to the next level.

blink-182 “Up All Night” by igapromotion

“Up All Night” is the first single released promoting Blink-182’s new album Neighborhoods due out September 27th.

Written By:
Denny Ganahl