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Blast Off Music & Arts Festival Preview


Purple Dragon Dinosaurs and Babes With Blazing Laser Boobs Prepare To Blast You Off

Last year the Blast Off Music and Arts Festival was … um … wait, there wasn’t a Blast Off Music and Arts Festival last year! This one will be the very first one ever! It’s being organized by a Chicago based group called Cirque Du Womp, and with a name like that, you know that it’s going to be filled with zany circusy wompfulness! They’re promising interactive art installations, fire performers, hoopers, and state-of-the-art light shows along with some of the top electronic musical acts touring the country these days; and it will all be set in a lovely green expanse of park-like campgrounds located in Bellefontaine, Ohio.


Because they’re all from my former stomping grounds, Mochipet, the Purple Dragon Dinosaur, Nastynasty (hope he brings the girls shooting light beams out of their boobs who appear on his promo art with him), and Ana Sia — after DJ Moxy, my favorite female DJ/Producer in the world, all based in the Bay Area (or as Ana Sia says, “the Yay Area”) will be the three electronic music acts I want to see the most at the Blast Off Festival. But there are so many more that catch my musical eye as well.

Northwest producer and song writer, Rain, otherwise known as Phutureprimitive rolls out bassy dummy synthy triphop-ish dub laced with female vocals. Can’t wait to hear him drop¬†Luminous¬†featuring the golden voice of Alyssa Palmer. Tipper from the UK will be an interesting act to study too. He’s internationally known for his surround sound trip hop concerts, but he’s now spearheading what’s being called nuskool breakbeat, and I want to hear what that means to my ears. Dixon’s Violin should be a trip to the far side of electronic music as well. Dixon is a renowned classical violinist and digital effects master. He claims to become a musical shaman when he shreds his electric violin in concert. Gotta experience that!

Of course there is also Mimosa, Bass Science, VibeSquadD, and Nosaj Thing (with his intense visual show) who are all big time glitchy bumpy wobbly wompers. Any one of them alone would be worth a three day camping trip to see perform. But add them to the groups I’ve just mentioned, plus dozens more I didn’t, plus the crazy performance, visual, and interactive art that will be going on all weekend, and you’ve got yourself an Arts and Music Festival worthy of the name Blast Off!

The Blast Off Music and Arts Festival starts June 16 and ends June 19, 2011. Check out the Cirque Du Womp website, grab a ticket, and get ready to Womp Womp Womp!

By James Pryor