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Don’t Look Back In Anger

Song Of The Day

Today’s “Song of the Day” takes us back to 1995. Oasis was riding high off their critically acclaimed debut album Definitely Maybe and had just released their second album What’s the Story Morning Glory. The album went 4x platinum in the United States and 14x platinum in the United Kingdom. It is the 3rd highest selling in the UK’s history. One of the reasons for this happening is the hit song “Don’t Look Back In Anger.”

The song, while cryptically written, can tell a multitude of different stories. One of these is the tale of a man who begins reminiscing over his past and doesn’t necessarily know whether or not he likes what he sees. He begins to question the decisions of his past, and at many points he feels as though he may have made the wrong choices in life. From there he tries to convince himself to not have any regrets and take life for what he’s created for himself.

Another possible storyline for the song to follow is that the protagonist of the story being told has just broke up with his girlfriend, or that it was a forced breakup due to the end of summer, implying it was a summer fling (in live shows Noel Gallagher was known to change the lyric “cause summertime’s in bloom” to “summer went to soon”). The protagonist then tells himself not to let the anger over the ending of the relationship get to him, but to instead remember the relationship for what it was and how fun it was.

Oasis was known for their great use of metaphor in their lyrics as well as their ability to touch base with their emotional side. “Don’t Look Back In Anger” is the perfect representation of this summation. The song is very well written and allows the listener room for their own interpretation as well as touches the band’s and audience’s emotional side simultaneously.

So, leave you comments below and let us know what you think Noel was trying to get at when he penned this song.

Written By:

Mitch Inkrott