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Black Stone Cherry’s “Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea”

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Artist: Black Stone Cherry
Album: Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release date: May 31, 2011

From the Southern hard rockers Black Stone Cherry comes a new album, ‘Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea’. The record comes as the band’s third studio release, following a successful self-titled debut and the inspired Folklore and Superstition. The new record was produced in Los Angeles, rather than in the band’s home state of Kentucky, giving the musicians a chance to reflect on their relationships as a band and as friends. The album captures and illustrates that time in the life of the group, and its themes largely concern everyday joys and sorrows.
Black Stone Cherry gained their fame in 2006 with an impressive debut album with memorable tracks such as Rain Wizard and Lonely Train. The group quickly gained reputation within the hard rock circles and their sophomore record was not a disappointment. Folklore and Superstition, released in 2008, was famed for great ballads such as You or Peace is Free and the compelling tales of Reverend Wrinkle or Ghost Of Floyd Collins. Three years later the band returns with a record that is just as impressive as the previous works.
Lyrically the album is rather down-to-earth, the candid lyrics encompass issues which can concern anyone, from wealth to love struggles, to various life challenges. Musically, it is a heavy rock album with a lot of attitude in some of the songs, but also with a dose of country influences, bringing some peace and humility into the slower pieces. ‘Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea’ has everything from heavier tracks to rock party songs to nostalgic ballads. The album seems more clearly defined, more confident than the previous records, forming a statement of a quality modern rock piece.
The album opens with what is also its first single, White Trash Millionaire. The song pretty much sets the tone for the record. Similarly to previous releases, the opening track largely concerns someone’s story. However, unlike in the case of Rain Wizard or Blind Man, this song indicates the more rational nature of the record. Heavy riffs signal the confidence in composition, whereas the lyrics suggest straying away from metaphorical interpretations of the song and the album as a whole. This impression is reinforced by the following track, Killing Floor. The record is not just about making statements, however. Ballads such as In My Blood or Like I Roll talk about relationships and the need for freedom.

Similar themes of love and friendship also feature in other slower songs, Won’t Let Go, Can’t You See and Stay. But there is a lot happening within ‘Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea’, and so the album contains more thought-provoking pieces, such as Such A Shame and Change. And just like in life, there is place for thought, but there is also a place for fun, and so we get to songs like Let Me See You Shake or Blame It On The Boom Boom. The record encompasses it all – the good times and the bad times, the fun and the sorrow. Similarly to previous records, we get to a nostalgic conclusion to the album; in this case, a heart-warming ballad, All I’m Dreaming Of.
Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea is an honest, heartfelt record. It is great music coming from talented and passionate musicians writing songs about things important to them, and in a way, about things that matter to us all. The record will definitely struck some chords with you, and if you’re a modern rock fan, then you’ll enjoy it even more. And if you’re not, then Black Stone Cherry may just be the band to change your mind.

Written by Natalia Gronowska

Black Stone Cherry – White Trash Millionaire (Radio Edit) by Roadrunner Records