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black rebel motorcycle club concert review

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Columbus, OH – Concert Review

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) stormed into Columbus, OH on May 12, 2013 taking Newport Hall by storm. The perfect spring show, warm enough to ensure coats weren’t necessary but cool enough that the venue did not transform into an oven, the crowd stood patiently waiting for the elusive BRMC, calm and quiet in their wait.

black rebel motorcycle club concert review As the opening band took the stage they were greeted with a surprisingly rowdy response. Fronted by Dhani Harrison (son of George Harrison) the group thenewno2 packs a surprising punch of electronic sound and heavy guitar. Touring extensively this year a great choice for an opening band and one to check out if they head your way.

When BRMC to the stage at 9:15 the crowd surged forward, anticipation built to a surprising height. Part of the charm of this LA-based group is its’ simplicity. With a dark stage and simple solid lights for the first five songs of the set the tone is rich, deep and curls around the audience pulling them close. It’s a slinky and sexy sound that comes from the stage with Robert Been slithering across the stage, his face heavily shadowed.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s “Let the day Begin”

black rebel motorcycle club concert reviewOpening with the first single off the new album (Specter At the Feast) “Let the Day Begin” is a gorgeous cover of The Call’s classic tune and is well received. (Robert Been is son of Michael Been of The Call who passed away in 2010.) Heavy crashing guitar chords reverberated off the crowd, washing over them and carrying their energy back to the stage, the result is an intimacy of sorts, and an integral part of the show. This band has been around long enough and changed their sound with each album attracting an eclectic group of fans that range from classic rock to punk rock, to blues enthusiasts to gothic. There is no doubt that BRMC fans are fervent, devoted even to a band that seemingly travels endlessly and still manages to sound fresh at each show.

Keeping the set-list fluid each night BRMC manages to keep the set interesting, no matter where they play. With a revolving set-list and more than enough material to keep the show fresh each night is an advantage that few bands manage currently. A fine mix between old and new the some BRMC classics were heard that night; “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” whipped the crowd into a frenzy. “Six Barrel Shotgun”, “Spread Your Love” and “Berlin” were delivered to the appreciative crowd. Specter At the Feast ruled the end with both “Sell It” and “Lose Yourself” in the encore.

With additional dates added to the current tour you’ve got ample opportunity to catch BRMC this year. Be sure to find your way to a local venue when they come to town, the show may be your first but definitely won’ t be your last, as everyone in the audience last Sunday knows, once they’ve got you they just don’t let go.

Written by Meredith Underhill

OurVinyl | Contributor