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the black keys meet me in the city

Black Keys: Meet Me In The City

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the black keys meet me in the citySong: Meet Me In The City
Band: The Black Keys
Album: Chulahoma

Back in 2006 the Black Keys put out their second E.P., Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough. The cover album is 6 tracks by the Mississippi Delta blues guitar player, as well as a voicemail from his widow telling the duo how well they capture Junior’s sound.

If you won’t take it from her, take it from us, this is the Black Keys at their bluesy best. Raw and repeating, the guitar cuts through drawling, wailing vocals. This particular track, Meet Me In The City is romantically sad, but the melody is filled with optimism as the vocals plead “Baby, please don’t leave me.” Slow drums and reverberating guitar licks that harmonize with the lyrics make this one of the best tracks on the E.P.