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Black Friday Record Store Day

Editors Pick

As many of you know there is a national record store day, which of course, we at OurVinyl are total supporters of. But that holiday of sorts isn’t until spring, but there is a little off shoot of the holiday known as the “Black ¬†Friday” Record Store Day – which obviously occurs the day after Thanksgiving. So while everyone else is reveling in capitalism and besieging the department stores and malls to get those good deals, you can head toward your local record store and grab some vinyls you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. (To find participating stores, go here)

Notable records that become available tomorrow are a live Metallica album, a 7″ from Tom Petty, a remastered reissue of George Harrison’s “All Thins Must Pass”, a 7″ from Dr. Dog, a 7″ from MGMT, a different version of The Black Key’s ‘Brothers, a reissue of The Door’s self-titled LP… The list goes on and on from there, and it’s a pretty awesome list. To examine a the special vinyls available tomorrow visit here.

We just thought you might like to know about this…. go get some new wax!

[Below is a video of someone talking about some of the special wax available on “Black Friday”.]