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Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown”

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Every decade has had a movement of its own in music. The 60’s saw Beatlemania and later to find the psychedelic sounds of Jimi Hendrix; the 70’s brought punk, 80’s brought metal, 90’s brought grunge, and the 00’s, well, brought Biebermania, unfortunately. Nothing hit the spot and sent shockwaves longer than punk, and still has a significant relevance in music today. Black Flag came out with Nervous Breakdown EP in 1978, being the straight-edge political punks like their counterparts Minor Threat.

Vocals provided by Keith Morris, who still brings punk to the platter with his current supergroup OFF! (the band that Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis has been declaring his love for over a year). Black Flag or general punk newbies won’t be able to see the political side of the lyrics and the music behind what seems like aggression. Punk rock was left-wing, anti-communism, pro-anarchy; and that is it in a nutshell. There was bands along with Black Flag such as the said Minor Threat, the Germs, the Sex Pistols and the Dead Kennedys just to name a few. Today, punk rock has transcended into pop-punk, a more softer, less politics influence sound, but still patriotically carrying the punk flame and keeping it a light.

Black Flag’s contribution to rock music tends to go unnoticed because of their short career and ever-changing line-up, but their influence on music and change to music is invaluable. Grunge lovers – here’s your favourite bands inspiration. Metal lovers – here’s your favourite band’s nightmare. ‘Nervous Breakdown’ is the perfect song to decide your opinion on 70’s punk rock. Listen below for some what some would call ‘proper punk,’ because today’s take is too soft for many of us punk rockers.

By Sarah Keary

OurVinyl | Contributor

Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown