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BJSR’s “On My Way”

Song Of The Day

Artist: BJSR
Song: “On My Way”

Today’s song of the day, “On My Way” comes from Dayton, Ohio based artist Benjamin Rivet, who performs under the moniker BJSR. After releasing his six track EP ‘AXE AND VOX,’ BJSR is creating a series of six videos: one for each song, to be released in order over the next several months. Crossing between genres, BJSR’s music can satisfy a variety of tastes drawing from pop, folk, rock, and hip-hop to produce a full-bodied sound. Following his release of “The Lover” video in March, a remix of “On My Way,” the second track from the EP, was first viewed at a video release party on June 30, 2011. The video, which was shot in Columbus and Dayton, highlights Rivet’s vision as a singer/songwriter as well as a producer. “On My Way” is sure to help this young artist on his way to a successful career, and the song is certainly one you’ll find yourself humming throughout your day.

Written By: Linda Turk