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Big D and the Kid’s Table’s “Noise Complaint”

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Artist: Big D and the Kid’s Table
Song: Noise Complaint
Album: Strictly Rude

Yeah, it’s ska. Kind of. I know, I know, you’ve probably had enough of the genre since 1997, and now every time someone brings it up, you cringe at the thought of your teenage self skanking around, proclaiming unity, and scoffing at anyone who didn’t conform to your morals.

But these guys lived through that phase too, and they’ve succeed at molding that teenage angsty-yet-happy emotional combo we all felt in high school into something stronger, more precise, and aimed at life after fighting the imminent adulthood. This isn’t that cheap imitation those kids you knew from Band Class tried to pull of. This is real and professional ska. Enjoy.

Written by Dean Goranites