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big d and the kids table brains a bomb

Big D and the Kids Table: “Brain’s-a-Bomb”

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Artist: Big D and the Kids Table
Song: “Brain’s-a-Bomb”
Album: For the Damned, the Dumb & the Delirious

Ska may be dead, but skacore sure isn’t. Big D and the Kid’s Table, veterans of the genre, released their sixth studio album back in July of 2011, For the Damned, the Dumb & the Delirious. With cover art adorned with tattoo-clad Pabst Blue Ribbon drinkers and fedora wearers, it was clear Big D was returning home to their stylistic roots, after distancing from it in a decision to try a more laid back, relaxed feel the band had dubbed “stroll music” on their last record.

Probably realizing stroll wasn’t working so well in live settings with fans accustomed to the band’s punk background, Big D returned to the studio to crank out a number of tracks like the one below, “Brain’s-a-Bomb,” putting a large arsenal of new punk jams back at their disposal.

Fans, in large, have rejoiced. How do you feel?

Written By:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor

Brain’s-a-Bomb by punktastic