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Some or our readers may now know this, but in México, we don’t celebrate 5 de Mayo as our Independence Day: it is just a celebration of a battle, The Battle Of Puebla, that happened in a town called Puebla in which the Mexican army defeated the French army in 1862. Our real Independence Day celebration is between 11pm on September 15th and throughout September 16th. So as a way to commemorate such an important day for our history, today’s Song Of The Day is Beta’s O+.

With their members Diego, Álvaro, Rodrigo and Blas being born and raised in Puebla itself, Beta is just a little taste of the new wave of modern Mexican music and one of its best hard-rock bands. The video for O+ has footage from their trip to Canada. With a song that talks about being reborn, trying, taking chances, facing risks and putting your heart into anything; put together with a video showing a band embarking on a trip to a foreign country in order to share their music in a different language and succeeding into it: we couldn’t feel more proud of having such artists coming out from the underground scene and taking our music to such levels.

Delivering a blasting sound that takes the best out of the influences given by Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots, mixing it with some heavy metal like beat changes and breathtaking vocals; their latest LP, Beta, grabs you from the moment the first song Cavidad blasts the words “Todo acaba, todo empieza, presa de un final, un final elemental/Everything ends, everything beings, as a prey of an ending, an elemental ending”. O+ is just one of the many highlights on the album.

After sharing stage time with some of Latin America’s most important alternative bands, they were invited to the Canadian Music Fest 2012 and are currently touring México and planning some dates in the U.S. A few songs are being recorded right now for a more buffed ‘Beta’ album edition.

¡Viva México!

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer